IAQG today:

Launched in 1998 by the Primes of the Aerospace Industry, the IAQG has established an International platform with the purpose to implement initiatives that make significant improvements in Quality and cost reductions in the Aerospace & Defence industry Supply Chain.

There are more than 50 major aerospace industry companies participating in the IAQG, which is divided into 3 different geographical areas: the Americas (AAQG), Asia & Pacific (APAQG) and Europe (EAQG).

The IAQG has developed and implemented a global set of standards with common Aerospace & Defense Quality requirements (9100 series, based on ISO 9001), and standards / guidelines on best practices used in Aerospace & Defense industry to raise product integrity. A unique system of shared auditing and measuring was set up through an Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) scheme based on the Other party approval which uses a shared supplier approval database.

To date more than 20000 Suppliers - Sites worldwide are 9100 certified today through the ICOP system.

The IAQG has aligned its strategy with the aim to assure Customer Satisfaction through On-Time, On-Quality Delivery of products and services, throughout the product’s lifecycle with 3 improvement strategy streams which deal with:

  • Requirements,
  • Product and Supply Chain Improvement
  • and Performance

and a Relationship Growth stream which addresses relations with Civil Authorities - Production, Space community & Defence stakeholders, other Trade Associations and MRO (Maintenance Repair & Overhaul).


In December 2013 IAQG became an International Non for Profit Association under the Belgian law with the IAQG office based in Brussels (Belgium)

IAQG Tomorrow:

Relying on its 3 improvement strategy streams & Relationship Growth Strategy streams the IAQG continues to develop new initiatives.

  • The Requirements stream is revising the 9100 series incorporating ISO 9001:2015 changes and adding agreed upon new /revised requirements as deemed necessary.
  • The Product & Supply Chain Improvement stream is defining the best practices of the Supply Chain main processes through a Supply Chain Management Handbook (SCMH).
  • The Performance stream is providing objective data measuring the excellence performance and continual improvement of the whole Aviation, Space & Defense Supply Chain.


The Relationship Growth strategy will continue to develop IAQG relations with various key governmental agencies, regulatory agencies, other Trade Associations and Stakeholders.


  • The Civil Authorities-Production Relationship is working together with the International Civil airworthiness Regulatory Agencies to enable local design, production and certification with global acceptance.
  • The Defence Relationship is coordinating with NATO and defense organizations to adopt simpler, common standards.
  • The Space Relationship is working together with all Space stakeholders to achieve standards and a certification scheme that can be effectively and efficiently used by Space organizations.
  • The Relationship stream - Trade Associations is developing relations at Sector level with other Aviation industry Trade Associations whose purpose and objectives are common with those of the IAQG. IAQG is looking for cooperation with those Trade Associations with the aim of expediting the deployment of projects for the benefit of the whole industry.
  • The MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) Relationship stream is working together with the whole MRO industry towards recognition of IAQG standards and effective industry use, application, and certification to improve aviation safety, product quality, and efficiency of the MRO industry.

The ICOP auditing system will continue to support the increase of Suppliers – Sites certification and is working to obtain recognition by the Civil Authorities as a suitable scheme for Aviation supplier certification. The ICOP Certification scheme is continually pursuing its goal to be Efficient, Recognized, Beneficial for all Aerospace & Defense industry stakeholders. 

The IAQG will continue focusing on delivering reduced cost, reduced risk and improved quality, which remains the primary goals of IAQG.

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Main contact as EAQG Manager:

Alain Bonnard
EAQG Operations Manager
Rue Montoyer, 10
1000 Brussels – Belgium

Phone : + 32 2 775 81 38
E-mail: alain.bonnard@asd-europe.org

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