EAQG (European Aerospace Quality Group) is the European sector of IAQG, the International Aerospace Quality Group.


EAQG is a cooperative European global organisation of companies (26 IAQG European major companies, 6 EAQG Affiliate European companies and 8 National Trade Associations) providing Aviation, Space and Defence products and services.


EAQG purpose is to implement initiatives that make significant improvements in Quality and reductions in cost throughout the value stream by establishing and maintaining dynamic co-operation based on trust between International Aerospace companies.


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IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) is the International cooperative global organisation of companies (more than 60 major companies) providing the Aerospace and Defence whole Supply Chain with fully international harmonised set of Quality requirements and recommended practices (guidelines).


IAQG focus is to continuously improve the processes used by the Supply Chain to deliver consistently high Quality products, thereby reducing non - value added activities and cost.


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Main contact as EAQG Manager:

Alain Bonnard
EAQG Operations Manager
Rue Montoyer, 10
1000 Brussels – Belgium

Phone : + 32 2 775 81 38
E-mail: alain.bonnard@asd-europe.org

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